Spring Brook Construction is proud to announce an addition to its list of services; a long-term rental program for your home.

As you may know, Spring Brook Resort offers homeowners the opportunity to rent their property short-term via the Vacation Rental Program. We have recently seen an increase in renters looking for monthly/long term rental opportunities, and property owners inquiring the same for their homes.
If you have a home that you don’t use often enough, or if the Vacation Rental Program doesn’t satisfy your needs for a consistent income, then long term rental may be a consideration.

Some of the benefits to renting your home long term include:

  • A more consistent cash flow, better for budgeting.
  • Less worrying about filling vacancies every weekend to supplement ownership costs.
  • Utility bills paid for by renter, easing the costs related to the home sitting vacant during vacation periods.
  • Less pressure to upgrade furnishings and amenities that usually occur for short term rentals.
  • Long term rentals are not as influenced by downturns in the economy.


Besides the general benefits listed above, renting your home with Spring Brook Construction Rental Management Program instead of another agency include:

  • Onsite management team. Our team works right here at Spring Brook, and will have a more tangible monitoring of your property.
  • A “one stop shopping” approach for home services; including lawncare, maintenance and property repair services.


We have specialists in all areas of home maintenance and home repair at Spring Brook Construction that will be able to respond to your needs in a timely fashion. If you are interested in discussing the long term rental of your home, please feel free to contact Eric Gregerson at 608-254-1470. He can go over terms and benefits with you at your property, and help you make an informed decision on renting your property long term.

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